Balla Secondary School
Balla, Co.Mayo
 094 9365082


Calendar for 2015/16 

Thurs.  27th Aug                       Staff Day

Fri.       28th Aug                       First Year Students induction day

Mon.    31st Aug                       First Year students

Tue.     1st Sept                        JC & LC students return

Wed.    2nd Sept                       5th Year & TY students return

Thurs. 3rd Sept.                       2nd Year students return.

Mon.   7th Sept.                       LCA & Repeat LC students return.                                               

October Mid-Term Break:        Mon. 26th – Fri. 30th Oct. 

Christmas Holidays:                 Closing Dec. 22nd - Re-opening Jan. 6th 

February Mid-Term Break:       Mon. 15th – Fri. 19th Feb.                                

Easter Holidays:                       Closing March 16th – Reopening April 4th

Fri. June 3rd                              School Closes

Wed. June 8th                           State Examinations Commence  

Information on dates for Parent/Teacher meetings, LC November exams, Christmas tests, mock exams etc will be published on our website in September.


Balla Secondary School Mission Statement

Our mission statement permeates throughout every aspect of school life. Each person in our school is recognised as an individual, with their own characteristics, talents and needs. We have a caring and committed staff, who place great emphasis on the holistic development of students, as well as encouraging all students to achieve their academic potential. The role of parents/guardians is considered to be of great significance to us. Creating an environment where school and home, work together to create the truly unique individual your son or daughter is capable of becoming, is the central aim for all of us. The school community recognises and is grateful for the support from Board of Management, Parents Association and Student Council, in maintaining the unique atmosphere where our sons and daughters can work together in harmony and happiness.


Patricia McTigue Teresa Walsh
Principal (Acting) Deputy Principal (Acting)